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Defense Attorney in Jacksonville, FL

For 20 years, Stephen defended the United States Constitution by helping to develop America's most advanced weapon systems. Now, he is working to defend your rights as granted by the same Constitution he has always sought to defend.

Mosca Law Firm, P.A.
1054 Kings Ave.
Jacksonville, FL 32207

About Stephen Mosca
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Stephen Andrew Mosca is originally from Mount Vernon, New York.  He graduated from the Academy of Aeronautics in 1979 and began his career with Grumman Aerospace Corporation as a Structural Design Engineer working on the Space Shuttle Wing, F-14, X-29 and Lavi fighter programs. Read more...
Client Reviews
"...Stephen Mosca, one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Jacksonville...."
Local Crime Columnist and author Wes Denham, Folio Weekly: Nov. 27, 2013